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  • Capturing and Increasing Every Sales Opportunity 
  • Where and how to correctly begin a  presentation
  • How to Qualify the Customer
  • Who, How, When and Why to close with no fear
  • Create Value in the items you show
  • Creative selling, & bumping a sale
  • T.O. - Who, When, Why and How to turn a sale over

What would one more sale out of every ten customers who walk mean to your bottom line?

"I personally, hands down, owe my success to listening to Jim Douglass. Things Jim says stick with you for years and will stick with the customer, too." ~ Frank Krause, Lucido Fine Jewelry, Sterling Heights, MI

Why Choose Selling Fundamentals and Consulting?


No two stores are exactly the same, nor are any two salespeople exactly the same. Training should be relative to the store, it's culture, it's clientele and the salespeople in it.


As an international sales trainer, Jim has helped elevate many salespeople from average sales status to champion sales status for the Hearts On Fire Company. His sales ability, knowledge and the unique way he is able to communicate makes him one of the most effective trainers, consultants and speakers in the jewelry industry. 


Jim focuses on one thing; raising overall sales numbers by equipping salespeople with proven selling fundamentals, advanced sales techniques and language that will increase confidence and success at the counter.


The importance of your entire inventory and all of your advertising are diminished if a significant percentage of your buying customers are slipping through the cracks of "I'm just looking" or "I'll have to think about it."