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"I would recommend Jim Douglass to any business that concerns sales." ~ Frank Krause, Lucido Fine Jewelry, Sterling Heights, MI

You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure

  • Tells you how effective or ineffective your advertising is
  • Shows the store and each individual's conversion rate (close ratio)
    • Actual close ratio - Sales were made divided by the number of 'actual' people. Example: 10 sales divided by 20 people = 50% actual close ratio
    • Overall close ratio - Sales divided by the total number of 'overall' presentations. The same 20 people but each person came in twice produces 10 sales divided by 40 presentations = 25% overall close ratio
  • Shows "leakage" or "sales lost" - How many diamond/bridal presentations are made to people who do not buy and do not return and presumably buy elsewhere
  • Shows if a salesperson is weak at closing
  • Shows if a salesperson is weak at discovery
  • Shows if a salesperson is a cherry picker
  • Shows which salesperson is waiting on the most customers and who is waiting on the least